The best vacuum cleaner you can get!

Upekkha™ Vacuum Cleaners are designed with high durability & efficiency, suitable for any environment with promising results!

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  • Runs 24 hours for 21 days straight!

  • Built in trolley with castor wheels for mobility!

  • Wet & Dry Applicable!

  • Operation as easy as 1-2-3!



32mm | 16L | Dry | Single Motored

Upekkha™ UV16D is a 16L dry vacuum cleaner powered by a single motor, suitable for home &
office usage.


38mm | 30L | Wet & Dry | Single Motored

The Upekkha™ UV30WD is somewhat similar to it’s little brother, the UV16D, the difference being that the UV30WD has a larger stainless steel tank of 30L and is suitable for wet applications.


38mm | 70L | Wet & Dry | Dual Motored

Upekkha™ UV70WD is a 70L vacuum cleaner powered by two motors that is both wet & dry applicable.


38mm | 80L | Wet & Dry | Triple Motored

Built in with a 80L durable stainless steel tank powered by a maximum of 3 motors, the UV80WD is by far the most powerful vacuum cleaner! Highly durable and suitable to be used in any environment!