Training Courses

Courses are only conducted on weekdays, excluding Public Holiday.
Courses would take place at our dedicated Upekkha Training Centre, located at No. 6, Lorong Asas Murni 5, Kawasan Perniagaan Asas Murni, 14100 Bukit Minyak, Penang, starting at 8am on the day of your choosing.

Please note that each participant would be charged RM500.00 per course of your choice.
Course fee includes lunch, lecture notes, training equipment and all other related materials, excluding transportation or accommodation.

Each course will take approximately 10 hours to complete, which will also depend on the students ability to comprehend and the number of participants taking turns on practical training and exam.

Courses Offered

  1. Hard Floor Preparation
    ( Stripping / Dry Stripping / Polish Application )

  2. Hard Floor Maintenance Systems
    ( Sweeping / Scrubbing / Damp Mopping, Spot Mopping & Bonnet Mopping, Spray Cleaning, Buffing )

  3. Rotary Floor Machines
    ( Machine Selection, Which Machine for Which Task? Features Diagrams, Operating Instructions, Handle Diagrams, Safety, Simple Fault Finding, Proper Selection of Extension Cables )

  4. Wet & Dry Vacuum
    ( Machine Selection, Safety, Filtration System, Simple Fault Findings, Proper Selection of Extension Cables )

  5. Stone Care Maintenance & Renovation
    ( Cleaning, Crystallization, Repair of Scratched Floor, Renovation of Marble Floor, Diamond Grades and It’s Different Uses)

  6. Carpet Care
    ( Types of Carpets, Maintenance Systems, Preventive Maintenance, Daily & Routine Maintenance, Regular Maintenance, Intermediate & Restorative Maintenance, Designing a Carpet Maintenance Program )

  7. Toilet Cleaning
    ( Mopping, Scrubbing, Wiping, Stain Removal, Glass Cleaning )

  8. Floor Types, Treatment & Typical Problems
    ( Program to be created in accordance to the clients requirements )

  9. Cleaning Equipment Selection
    ( Repair & Maintenance Program With Fault Finding )

  10. Scrubber Driers & Sweepers
    ( Machine Selection, Which Machine for Which Task? Operating Instructions, Safety, Simple Fault Findings & Practical Operations )

Upon completion of our course and having passed our examinations, participants will be awarded a Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate by Upekkha.

If interested, please make your bookings for training courses via email to, through our contact us enquiry form here, or you may just call us at +604-5871557 / +604-5871550