MaxClean 80

Upekkha MaxClean 80 is a vacuum cleaner equipped with a jet spray.

Upekkha™ MaxClean 80 Carpet & Upholstery Extractor
  • The carpet, sofa & mattress extractor has 2 powerful vacuum motors built in for a powerful suction force.

  • The carpet, sofa & mattress extractor is also fitted with a bigger jet spray water pump as compared to the MaxClean 40.


feature 1:

The switches to the two vacuum motors and jet pump spray is easily accessible to the operator which is located just right on the top front of the carpet, sofa and mattress extractor

feature 2:

The small external hose located just right at the side of the stainless steel tank enables easy discharge of dirty water from the tank without any hassle of lifting it up and poring it out.


feature 3:

The trolley handle design is ergonomically designed to give the operator of any height manoeuvrability.