HBS Bloom 

Hair and Body Shampoo



  • Blended from a mix of premium grade mild surfactants.
  • Offers extra mildness, rich foam with good lathering, effective cleaning, conditioning and caring for the hair and body.
  • Protects hairs from damaged by mechanical stress, improve in sheen, feel satiability and static control, leaving hair with more body and feeling silky soft.
  • Cleanse skin and body gently leaving a pleasant lingering aroma.


For cleansing hair and body.


  • Hair Cleansing
    Moist hair.
    Apply desired amount of shampoo on hair.
    Gently work for a rich foam.
    Clean then rise thoroughly with water.
  • Body Cleansing
    Wet body.
    Apply desired amount of shampoo on sponge or on hand.
    Gently work for a rich foam.
    Cleanse then rinse thoroughly with water.


  • Appearance: Pearl scent liquid
  • Solid content: 11.0 - 13.0%
  • pH ( as is ): 7.0 - 8.0 
  • Viscosity: 4000 - 6000 cps ( #4 / 60 rpm / 26 degrees Celsius )
  • Sg: 1.015 - 1.025 @ 26 degrees Celsius


  1. HBS - Blossom Bloom
    Appearance: Pearl scented yellow liquid.