ESD Cleaner - "Agro"



ESD Cleaner - Agro Mat and Bench Top Cleaner, cleans surfaces without compromising surface static dissipation. Non-abrasive, chloride, and amino free formulation penetrates and lifts light greases, oils, fingerprints and flux residues from surfaces. Protects against the deterioration of the static dissipative properties on ESD surfaces. It is an excellent choice for ESD cleaning programs. It is 0% HCFC, 0% CFC, 0% HFC, 5% VOC, 0.00 ODP.

Method of use

  1. Dilute 0.2 litres of ESD Floor Cleaner to 10 litres of tap water.
  2. use the solution either for manual or mechanical floor cleaning.
  3. It is recommended to clean floors with ESD Floor Cleaner once a week.
  4. Use undiluted for heavy use cleaning.

Mixing ratio: app. 1 : 50 ( ESD Floor Cleaner / water )
Shelf life: app. 2 years in closed cans.

Upekkha has noticed that many companies do not have a systematic programme for cleaning their ESD mats. This quickly can become a gaping hole into which you can throw your otherwise excellent ESD control program.

In testing, Upekkha has found most new mats, if they are never cleaned, have lost heir ability to dissipate ESD charges after about six weeks of intensive use. The industry defines nonconductive as any surface having a surface resistance measurement greater than  10 to the power of  9 megohms.

Never use Ammonia, Alcohol or Caustics as solvents for cleaning static mats!

Interesting, mats which are cleaned with the wrong type of chemical will lose their ability to dissipate ESD charges even sooner, if not instantly, regardless of use.

There are three chemicals which must NEVER be used on ESD mats:

  • Alcohols
  • Ammonia
  • Caustic Detergents

These chemicals will dry out the surface of the mat, causing them to become brittle and insulators.

To completely eliminate this problem, Upekkha recommends establishing a program where workers clean their mats at the beginning of every shift. It only takes thirty seconds, but can help prevent ESD damage. Upekkha finds that when the Agro ESD Cleaner is used on a daily basis, surface resistance measurements will remain between 10 to the power of 6 and 10 to the power of 9 megohms, where it should be.

SDS available.