Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner UV16D

Upekkha™ Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner UV16D


The UV16D is a single motor powered vacuum cleaner thats suitable only for cleaning dry surfaces. It's small and compact design in size is fit for any situation. Unlike other end user vacuum cleaners that are easily available on the market, the UV16D can run up to 24 hours every day for a month straight.


  • Voltage (V): 220/240

  • Motor Power (W): 1300

  • Airflow (l/s): 48

  • Waterlift (mm): 2400

  • Noise Level (dBA): 60

  • Diffuser: Spark Resistant

  • Capacity (Litres): 16

  • Tank Material: Stainless

  • Cable Length (m): 7.2

  • Cable Moulded Plugs: Standard

  • Cleaning Width (mm): 340

  • Tools (mm): 36