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We're The Whole Package 

Upekkha™ Cleaning Equipment Supplier

Swift Repairs
Spare Parts Available, Always!

At Upekkha™, Availability Of Spare Parts Is Never An Issue! Rest Easy As Our Professionally Trained Mechanics Resolve Your Issues In No Time!

Upekkha™ Cleaning Equipment Supplier

Free Deliveries
Dispatched Every Morning!

That's Right! We're Delivering Your Orders To Wherever You Are For Free! Ready To Be Dispatched At Any Day!

Upekkha™ Cleaning Equipment Supplier

Free Demo & Consultation
Get Professional Advice!

With 30 Years Of Experience In The Cleaning Industry, We Are The Best Experts You Can Get!



Scrubber Dryer

Upekkha™ Scrubber Dryers are highly durable, making it suitable for any environment! Wash & dry your floors all in one clean sweep without having to worry about wasting any extra human resource, time & revenue!



Upekkha™ Sweepers are not only efficient & durable, but are too ergonomically designed for the comfort of our customers. Promising results and an enjoyable operating experience!


Floor Scrubbing & Buffering Machines

Upekkha™ Cleaning Equipment supplies only top quality floor scrubbers & buffers to our dear customers! Every machine has been tested with our self designed durability & efficiency program before getting the get go to be sold to you!


Carpet & Upholstery Extractor

Upekkha™ MaxClean series are able to wash & dry your carpets in one go with ease! It is also suitable to clean upholstery and sofa cushions too! Perfect for the carwash & hotel industry!


Contact Us

Please don't be shy and send Upekkha™ an enquiry! We would be more than happy to serve your needs! Especially product demonstrations & flooring consultations!